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Services & Skills

Retaining customers and building a loyal customer base are becoming top priorities for small businesses around the world. To meet these needs, various new products in customer engagement such as email marketing, mobile loyalty products, social media marketing tools and SMS marketing are being introduced in the market.

directdialogs is a comprehensive small business loyalty program that combines card-less loyalty with mobile, social and email marketing. directdialogs is developed with cutting-edge technology combining the essential customer engagement tools for small businesses while still keeping it affordable.

The Founders

The founders of directdialogs bring in decades of experience in direct marketing, customer data analytics, customer centric strategy and deep technical knowledge.

Gopikrishnan Raman has 15+ years of experience in providing technology solutions globally specifically in the areas of Campaign Management and Business Intelligence solutions. Gopi has worked with GE Money, CSC, TCS, Cognizant in the past.

Senthil Natchimuthu has 15+ years of experience in simulation based strategy consulting. He has worked with clients in various industries including Microsoft, Pfizer, Novellus, Discover, BP, McKinsey, Accenture, etc. directdialogs is his 3rd startup company.

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