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Rewards program is an important part of building a loyal customer base. Loyal customers in general
  • visit you more often
  • buy more products or service
  • refer your business to others
  • keep your business as first choice in their mind
  • have higher inertia to competition’s pull
Happy and loyal customers don’t mind sharing their positive experience with others and recommending your business. When you reward customers for sharing your marketing messages on their Facebook page or twitter, you are able to reach a number of potential customers with similar interests as your customers. If some of those potential customers become your customers, they will be encouraged to have positive mentions in their social circle thus building a viral marketing effect.
With social medial marketing, you reach large number of potential customers that you would otherwise take longer time and with higher cost.
Signup for a free trial here or contact us . You will receive an invitation with username and password. Use your browser to login to the app. When you login for the first time, a wizard will help you setup your loyalty program and understand next steps.
directdialogs is a web based application. You would need to have a computer that is connected to the internet to setup the program and run campaigns. At the checkout point you would need to install a companion app POSmate. POSmate can be installed on the POS system or tablet device.
Yes. We provide full service starting from setting up the right program to meet your objective and helping you smoothly run the program. We would help in training employees, interpret reports, device new direct marketing campaigns, create, send and track campaigns. Please contact us to discuss your needs.
Yes, directdialogs can be used without integrating with any other system. You can capture customer purchases within directdialogs as well. For easy capture of purchases, you can upload and maintain a list of your products/services.
Yes, directdialogs can be integrated with your billing system and there are many ways to do it. The time it takes to integrate varies based on the integration type and the POS vendor.
With directdialogs, you get to precisely target your customers with personalized offers. This is made possible by offering a card-less loyalty program and collecting customer purchase data at checkout. You get to know your customer buying habits -how often they visit, what they buy and for how much. All this is possible at the same cost of email marketing programs.
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